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Friday, July 30, 2010

Necklace Hanger

I have the cutest jewelry box but my necklaces always get tangled in it. Sometimes I will spend a good 15 minutes trying to untangle four different necklaces. So, I started shopping around for a necklace hanger, but just couldn't find anything my style. I finally decided to make my own and thankfully my friend Cassie pointed me towards this tutorial which got me very excited!
So, in the midst of rearranging our house, painting our upstairs hallway and getting ready for company, I decided it would be a good idea to go to Lowe's 20 minutes before closing and make my hanger that night!
I found it to be very easy to make and even drilled the holes myself!

I kind of just did my own thing and loosely followed the tutorial.

Here's what I used:
(any size) wood board - I think mine is 2 feet
wood glue
scrapbook paper
cup hooks
brown paint
Krylon gloss
hooks & screws for the back to hang on the wall

I painted all four edges of the board before knowing that I would be covering the top and bottom edges with scrapbook paper. So if I make another one, I will just paint the two smaller edges at each end. I painted wood glue on the board and laid the scrapbook paper on top.

Fold and glue the paper over the bottom and top edges. Tape the paper to the back while it's drying. Glue brown ribbon at each end and where the different papers meet. Turn the board over and attach the hanging hooks to the back. I placed one at each end to make it more stable to hang. Drill small holes where you want the cup hooks to be and then screw them in.

Once finished, take it outside and spray a few coats of Krylon on it for a protective coating. Hang it on a wall in your bedroom or bathroom. Not only is it great for hanging necklaces, but it's a cute piece of wall art!


  1. This is a great idea, Ashlee. I think I will try it and make one for my mom too. Thanks!

  2. although I don't like to give her credit, Amy gave me the web site, so I suppose we should give her credit. Amy better appreciate this:)

    Looks great though!


  3. Oh no, Cas! I forgot Amy gave you the link. Sorry Amos!

  4. No problem! I'm glad you were able to use it. Yours is a lot cuter than any of the ones I did! Nice work.

  5. That looks so great! Beautiful and functional - my favorite combo :-)

  6. Thank you to both you and Amy for this fantastic idea! Right now my necklaces are a mess and I have been begging Ryan for a jewelry box for years.