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Monday, July 5, 2010

Crafting with a Special Guest!

So this week is going to be fun because I have three blogs to post and all with a special guest!

My good friend Cassie and her husband stayed with us for a long weekend in June and we had so much fun with them!

Cassie and I decided to have a crafting day and a baking day, and crafting came first! This craft started out with a bunch of flowers and an idea to make hair clips & headbands -

Here's what you need:
bobby pins with a small metal circle at the closed end
metal or plastic headband
hot glue gun
fake flowers

Step 1 -
glue a piece of felt onto the circle of the bobby pin -

Step 2 -
Glue and layer the flowers, add a button to the middle and you're done!

If making a headband, wrap and hot glue the band in ribbon first -

Then glue and layer flowers to a small piece of felt and then onto the ribbon -

After making all these hair pieces we decided to make magnets out of them too.

Stay tuned for our baking projects that will be posted later this week!

Happy crafting,

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