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Friday, July 23, 2010

Crafts to do this Summer

I have been in such a crafty mood lately, but haven't had the time to make anything! So to satisfy my crafting need, I have been spending lots of time on the internet (while the boys nap!) and found quite a few crafts I would like to make by the end of the summer. Here is a glimpse...

I found this bag on a new blog I follow, La Maison Reid. It's a burlap tote and is super cute. I especially love the flower accent, but think I might make it a little more colorful.

I don't own a single pin cushion (can you believe it?!) and would like to try my hand at making a few.

I love these from Crafty Stylish -

And these from Patchwork Posse -

I have three canvases at home waiting to be covered in fabric or possibly re-painted. I want to hang them in our craft/reading room so am looking for something a little artsy and cute. I love these ideas -

I want to learn to embroider and make something like these -

Or find fabric that tells a story by itself -


I (think I can) promise these crafts will be posted by the time fall comes around. :)
Stay tuned for a special birthday and jewelry post!

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  1. I love that burlap bag and the canvas with the tree and buttons! So so so cute!