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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Well, Mother's Day is 14 days away and I am excited to share some ideas with you that I found. I am planning on making at least one of these things for my wonderful mom!

Teacup Lights

I think these are so cute and with the city wide garage sale this weekend and next, I am bound to find some teacup treasures!

Tote Bags

I think every mom can use another tote bag. Whether she uses it to fill up with children's books at the library or uses it to fill up with books for herself, they are practical and cute to boot.

Special Delivery

If you decide to get your mom jewelry, here is a cute way to give it to her: write a message on a leaf or flower petal and pin some earrings to it!

Gift Kit

I thought this was so fun! The picture below and instructions above (linked with the title) shows a gardening gift kit, but you could do just about anything - a craft kit, baking kit, etc.

Patterned Sachets

These are super cute and smell good too!

Soap Cubes

These look easy and you can make them into any shape you want. I love the jar too and think you could get really creative on how you package these.

I hope these few crafts give you some ideas on what to make either for mother's day, birthday gifts, or even a fun little gift for yourself! :)


  1. My mother-in-law loves tea cups, so, i'm definately trying idea #1! also...when you made the cake pops...how much frosting did you use...i think i over did it...they kind of make me sugar sick just looking at them!

  2. ok next question...after I coat the balls, when i cooled them, it creats a flat top, on the opposite side of my stick... but I want the top to be nice and round...how do i cool them?