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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Crafts

I love Earth Day and I try to do my part in keeping our environment clean. I recycle, use cloth bags when shopping, clean with only organic, home-made cleaners, and am going to start composting soon. But when it comes to crafting, I hadn't really thought about finding recycable, environment friendly crafts to do - other then re-using material of course. So I started doing some research and found several fun ideas!

So here are a few crafts I am going to be trying this summer. I hope that you will try some too!

Vinyl Record Bowl

Cloth Napkins

Sweater Pillows

Recycled Tin Can Luminaries


  1. Mmmm..kay. love the tin can luminaries. I think I need to start saving those for my wedding decor to mix in with the mason jars.

  2. I had tried to make cloth napkins, but even with careful measuring I made them too small and just couldn't figure out how to make neat corners. Thanks for finding instructions!