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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Crafty Day Off

I had Monday off work and was in the mood to craft. I was inspired a couple of weeks ago to make a cake stand and decided it was time to try. I was at Target and came across these cute plastic plates and glass goblets. I bought one of each, brought them home, and turned them into a cake stand -

I'm happy to report that this was under $6 to make! I'm looking forward to going thrift store shopping and seeing the different kinds of plates and glasses I can find.

I also had time to sew! Which I have been in the mood to do a lot of lately. My sister-in-law Becky gave me some extra material and I decided to make a half-apron out of it. Do half-apron's have a proper name? Either way, it was easy to do and I love to wear it!


  1. That cakestand is perfect! I think I might try to make one now :)

  2. Wow!!!! The cake stand is beautiful. I too am inspired to try it. I'm crafty but not creative so I rely on others for inspiration. Thanks!