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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Etsy Love

I love Etsy. There are so many things I want to order before the baby comes!

I love this Diaper Clutch from BarnofColors -

We decided to use cloth diapers, and this wet bag from playfulpeanut would be a perfect addition to a diaper bag!

This diaper bag accessory set by LoveyBabyBoutique is so cool (who knew anything to do with diapers would be cool?!) -

I'm sad I haven't found that perfect diaper bag yet...any mom's out there have one they love? I want one that can be turned into a library bag, grocery bag, etc. when our little boy is potty trained. Neutral colors (grey!) prefered!


  1. Hey Ashley a big congrats on the baby boy!!! We are pregnant and are also doing cloth diapers. Which ones are you using? We think we are using the ones Sherry and John use on younghouselove.com. Good luck and hopefully you find that diaper bag too!!:)-Cassie

  2. Hi Cassie, thank you! Congrats to you too! Right now we have some Econobaum's we got from a friend, but we registered for Thirsties. I have heard wonderful things about both brands so I'm pretty excited to use them!