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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cake of the Month - Carnival

Claire and I had the privilege of making a carnival themed birthday cake for a 6-year old's birthday party this past weekend. We tried a new technique - painting on gumpaste and frosting - and it ended up working out really well. We are quite proud of the finished product:

It was a marble cake with chocolate buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. Everything you see is edible except for the wires that are attached to the balloons! :) Another cake will be coming up next week!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is my favorite so far!! You are way too talented! Way!!!!!! =)

  2. beautiful as always ladies! any ideas for a Dr. Seuss cake? Benjamin's birthday is the end of the month and I'm thinking of a big hat...I just wish you were here to make it for me!

  3. Thanks Amy!!

    Thanks to you too, Tori! Wish we could make a cake for Benjamin. A Dr. Seuss cake sounds so cute. You could definitely make a big hat! I can't wait to see it :)