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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(Cup)Cake(s) of the Month

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of making my dear friend Charissa's wedding cupcakes. This included making almost 800 tiny little flowers, 10 batches of buttercream, 250 cupcakes and a small square cake!

We decided to go with six different flavor combinations. Crazy? Probably. But who can decide between almond, orange, and mocha buttercream? Along with three flavors of frosting were two flavors of cake - vanilla and chocolate.

I had fun making little signs to accompany each flavor of buttercream. I used fall scrapbook paper, twine, cupcake and alphabet stamps, and sticks found in my backyard.


  1. Ashlee, they are gorgeous! They look so "Charissa", too. :-) Did you enjoy the wedding?

  2. They are so beautiful and look delish!

  3. Thank you, everyone!
    Amelia, the wedding was beautiful and so much fun!

  4. I somehow missed this post! hands down the BEST cupcakes EVER. really. everyone raved about them. :)