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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cake of the Month: Volume 1

I have been a terrible blogger this month and I fear it will only get worse in October. It seems we have been going nonstop since September started and we will be out of town a total of 17 days next month! And I thought our summer was busy.

At least we get to start this month off with a bang. It is our cake of the month, volume 1! (In case you didn't catch that, you will be seeing two cakes this month!)

Keagan Harlow is one of our favorite little guys. He turned one on Sunday and his parents asked Claire and I to make a water/Sesame Street themed cake. It was fun to design and execute and I think he enjoyed it. :)

Stay tuned for volume 2 next week!


  1. That's my boy! And what a great cake! It both looked and tasted fabulous :-)

  2. That cake was amazing -- both in decoration and taste!! I was also surprised to find the "water" colored cake!! YUM! Obviously, Keagan LOVED his first cake too!! :) Thanks -- you two cooks are the greatest!

  3. This is adorable Ashlee! I especially love the ring of cupcakes around the bottom. Such a fun little touch. It looks like the birthday boy thoroughly enjoyed it:)