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Thursday, June 28, 2012

{birthday} Cake of the Month

Happy fifth birthday to my little sister!  She said she wanted a "colorful caterpillar cake" and this is what she got -

My mom has always been really good about sending me messages or texts of funny things my sister has said.  Here area few of my favorites:

"I want to be called Max or Emily, and if you don't like those names you can just call me zero."

Mom: "Shaylah, the room looks so pretty doesn't it?"
Shaylah: "Yeah. Well, as a matter of fact, no it really doesn't."

Mom: "Come on Shaylah, time for a bath."
Shaylah, dusting, "I don't think you know how important it is for me to dust right now."

Some fun birthday pictures - 


  1. Ha!! I love the dusting comment!! She sounds like she has quite the little personality. And that's a beautiful cake!

    1. Thanks, Corrie! Yeah, she is so fun. We never know what will come out of her mouth next!