Pitman Photography

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's a Tardis

When we met with the couple to see what they wanted for their wedding, a Tardis cake was mentioned for the groom’s cake.  I, not being a Dr. Who fan, thought they wanted a TORTUOUS cake and was a little surprised.  After much confusion and talking with Claire, I finally realized we would not be making a turtle. Although, that might have been a bit easier.  :)

This beautiful Tardis cake that Claire spent so much time painting and getting perfect, was for our first wedding post-babies.  Cutting out all the panels and such was suprisingly easy. The inside is Styrofoam but the outside is all edible.  Not that you’d want to eat all that gumpaste, unless you’re my husband of course.


  1. Amazing detail...

  2. This is soo awesome!!! Andy would have LOVED a groom's cake with a Tardis on top! Great work! You girls are very talented!

  3. That's awesome. What a comeback!! I still had to Google tardis, but that's so cool. I bet he loves it.