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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cake of the Month - February

Here is our Valentine's cake! The heart "candy box" is a chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting. It's topped with white gum paste and wrapped with red gum paste. The chocolate candies or truffles are actually cake pops.


  1. i love the little quilted lining in the heart box!

    Wish I had you girls here to make Annie's birthday cakepops. Her theme will be YELLOW. That's all, YELLOW. On Bakerella I saw yellow smiley face cake pops. Some had their heads bitten, with distressed looks. Check it out.

    deb meyers

  2. Thank you! I hope Claire checks these comments, she works just as hard as I do! :)

    I love yellow! What a perfect theme. Wish we could make the cake!